We are a small sports club and as such are dependant on the generosity of our supporters and charitable donations.
Members play a small annual membership fee which covers their club fee and a Boccia England registration fee.  In addition we have a small attendance charge each time they attend the club.
We are currently investigating whether we are required to become a registered charity.  If so this would enable us to reclaim Gift Aid on donations.
The club is registered with where we receive commission from supporters and companies who purchase goods and services online through their website.
One of our members is currently setting up a JustGiving page.
Boccia is a sport that the most disabled people, who have significant support needs, can play, which for elite players in particular can run into the thousands of pounds. This is to cover travel and hotel costs for training and competitions for players and their aides, which may also include international travel.
The club also needs to raise funds for it's general running costs (£3,500+ p.a.), running competitions (£1000 each) and training courses and specialised coaching ( £500 each).